PROGRAM SCHEDULE: Program and VIP responsibility through the end of April, 2018, prepared by Dave Baker: March 21 – Business Meeting; March 28th – Alma Newton, April 4 – Vince O’Brien; April 11 – Patty Odenbrett; April 18- Business Meeting; April 25th – Kevin O’Rourke. Please let Dave Baker, Program Chair know the topic of your speaker, mayordave1@yahoo.com If for any reason you will not have a speaker on your day, please find a substitute and let Dave Baker know who it will be or inform him in the event you are unable to present a program or find a speaker.



This past Sunday, we had an information table at Grains of Hope to promote our June 3rd PV Rotary Foundation 5K Race/Walk, and by association, PV Rotary. Herb previously noted that "We had access over 800 involved people and we were able to sign up a few and add over 60 to our email list. We had a number of volunteers at the table though the five hours of food packing. Pictured above, Herb Hamilton, Janet Cassidy, Cosimo Laterza, Paul Darmofalski, Alma Newton and again, Herb. Not pictured, other PV Rotarians present at out table were Bobby Roberts, Paul Dolengo and Jay Wanczyk. This is a great opportunity for us, thanks to Doug Cook and Herb for arranging it. herbhamilton@optonline.net,


APR 5 - PV ROTARY SOCIAL - WINE PAIRING DINNER @ Bardi’s For tickets and info, Doug. dougcook123@optonline.net

APR. 12 – Cyber Bullying with Tom Ritts - Community Partners for Hope Program @ Friendship Hall, 7:00 PM? MAY 26-31 - DISTRICT CONFERENCE CRUISE TO BERMUDA, http://rotarydistrict7470.org/event/district-cdonference/

JUNE 3 - PEQUANNOCK TOWNSHIP STREET FAIR (Date confirmed with Heidi Robak) emp824@gmail.com

JUNE 10 – PV ROTARY FOUNDATION 5K RUN/WALK herbhamilton@optonline.net,

JUNE 27 – PV ROTARY INSTALLATION DINNER NYC HARBOR CRUISE; Donna’s year begins! dmarie3450@me.com

SEPT. 7th - PV ROTARY CHARITY GOLF OUTING @ The Meadows dmarie3450@me.com

GUESTS: Rose Deming-Phalon & her husband Joe, speaker for Marlene.

THE FOUR-WAY TEST: 1. Is it the TRUTH? 2. Is it FAIR to all Concerned? 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? WELCOME TO PEQUANNOCK VALLEY ROTARY !

>The 5K COMMITTEE MET imediately after our lunch meeting last week. herbhamilton@optonline.net,

• WINE TASTING– APRIL 5th: Our Thursday April 5th wine dinner is fast approaching and we need everyone to firm up the number who will be attending and bring in a check for $85 per person ASAP. The cutoff date for payment and confirmation of attendance is Wednesday, March 28th. As of this week, 44 are signed up; it is now open to the public with a max of 50. Checks should be made out to Pequannock Valley Rotary Foundation. Checks to John D. or Dough by March 28th. dougcook123@optonline.net

ERNIE’S ANNOUNCEMENTS: Ernie reminded us of our social WINE DINNER on April 5th, #1 Marlene 3H$ For her speaker Rose Phalon with husband Joe here today, Donna had emergency gall bladder surgery and is coming home today, wine in the world will be sampled! (details above); dougcook123@optonline.net ***March 18th The Community Partners for Hope is sponsoring a seminar about CYBER BULLYING, with TOM RITTS on April 12th: for students at PV and PTHS during the day and for adults at 7:00 PM @ Friendship Hall. *** Jen SK is distributing the DISTRICT 7470 FOUNDATION RAFFLE TICKETS – Most of you have already received tickets, please return those you cannot sell ASAP so other may sell them – our club earns half of the proceeds. jkolatac@farmersagent.com *** Cosimo is heading a committee for our participation in the PEQUANNOCK TOWNSHIP MEMORIAL DAY PARADE. He had an entry ready last year, but the parade was rained out – again! coslaterza@optonline.net *** A VALENTINES DAY DINNER P&L Statement was distributed. ***Thank you letter received from RIVERDALE FOOD PANTRY.

HAPPY/SAD DOLLARS: Doug H$ For the GRAINS OF HOPE this Sunday, the first three shifts are "sold out!!" Kathleen S$ For the Weiss Family, H$ For Grains of Hope; Danielle H$20 for the support from the sulb members for last weekend’s Boys and Girls Club Dinner Dance – Jay put in our selfie, H$ for Grains of Hope; Kathleen P. H$ Her grandmother, aged 101, is out of the hospital, he husband is out of the hospital, too; Jen SK S$ for Frank Weiss; Jenn H$ Thanked everyone at Ernie’s President’s Ball who signed her birthday card; Pauli D. S$ For the Weiss Family, H$ B&G Club event, he heard it was great! H$ His kidney stone procedure is scheduled for this Friday – he wrote out his will! MORE H/S$ in digital edition.


VIP Marlene suspended fines "as we’re all giving already!" She introduced Rose Phalon who told us about the wonderful community effort she began, "Quilting for a Cause." She and her army of volunteers made 702 quilts last year for the homeless and veterans in New York and New Jersey. Beginning with 11 volunteers in her home, now numbering 100, they have expanded to as many as 50 working at Senior House at one time. Each quilt takes 7 to 10 hours and there are no shortcuts taken, these are the same quality quilts one would sew for a family member… MORE in digital edition!

33/33/33 Ernie won 21 points, but the joker’s +556 pts could not be found. Photos Doug 1,2 Jay 3, 4, 5. Words by Scribe Jay WELCOME TO PEQUANNOCK VALLEY ROTARY !


Rose noted that most of the fabrics they get are the sort that a woman would like, so they make an extra effort to get bold prints that would be suitable for a man, as although they may be needy or homeless they are people who need to maintain some dignity as well.

They distribute the quilts in person, Joe will often take them into Manhattan on the way to work. They go to shelters having armed guards, to soup kitchens and to veterans facilities and the missions in Morristown. (Scribe Jay noted that he has sometimes seen homeless sleeping in The City with quality quilts and has thought to himself, "I know where that came from: the hearts of those in town who made them.")

Not all of the volunteers are able to sew, some pin, some press. Rose never thought it would grow like this. And that has created a storage problem. One woman, now stricken with stage IV cancer, has donated 2,500 yards of fabric alone. "Quilting For a Cause NJ is in need of storage space. We have a Boy Scout who would like to build us an 8’ x 10’ storage shed for his Eagle Scout project. Is there anyone in town, a business or property owner who would allow the scout to build the shed?" Contact Rose at 973.534.7936 or rosephalon@aol.com on Facebook: Quilting for a Cause New Jersey.

Rose concluded by saying, "Aside from being married and the kids, this is the greatest thing she has ever done!"

An excellent article about the program appeared in the January 14, 2018 edition of The Record: "Patchwork Marathon, N.J. Group sews quilts for the needy during 24-hour event." https://njersy.co/2Desd1J

MORE HAPPY/SAD DOLLARS: Marlene 3H$ For her speaker Rose Phalon (at right above) is here today with husband Joe. H$ Donna had emergency gall bladder surgery and is coming home today: Jim Cramer H5$ Wants to know who the ‘wise guy’ was who wrote his name down for something he did not order at the B&GC Dinner! Erick H$ He’s happy that he received a clean bill of health from his doctor, H$ That the outboard motor for his newer boat arrived, it will be in the water in two weeks! Vince H$ His "mat-men" won two matches, 28 to 4 and 34 to 24;

Jim S$ For the Weiss family, Stephen Hawking dying one day short of "Pi Day;" Paul Franco H$ They will be spending 10 days in Aruba with bright sun and Cuban cigars, H$ his aunt turns 100 this week; Dave H$ Lorraine in Arizona; Cosimo S$ Gino is back; Jay S$ For loss of Ann Weiss, a classmate and friend since grammar school and for Frank and their family, H$ For the B&GC Dinner Dance, it was great! Alma H$ She had a great time at the B&GC Dinner Dance, H$ For Grains of Hope this weekend; Ernie S$ Frank Weiss and family, H$ his mother-in law turned 98 on Monday H$ Donna recovering form emergency surgery; Jingles H$ He celebrates 30 years in PV Rotary this week!